Services by Dr. Namita Panagaria at Diet Care, Jodhpur

Weight Loss Program 

Obesity is a fast growing problem all over India among all the age groups of the society. Obesity is a complex disease which affects the body and brings many other diseases with it. Children, Adolescents and Middle aged people are all affected and many of you must have also tried certain ways of shedding that extra flab but it doesn't seem to go.

Weight is an important issue these days but just losing weight is not important... losing it the healthy way is the key!!!! So I will help you out to shed away those extra kilos and the extra flab the healthy way...

Register now and avail my customized diet plans... made just for you!!!!!

Weight Gain Program 

Where some people suffer from excessive weight, some of them also suffer from extremely low weight. Having a weight lower than the normal is equally dangerous. The fat tissue in our body plays a very important role in maintaining the homeostasis of the body. So if you are wondering about how to gain weight, just enrol with us and start shaping your body.

Is your body figure too thin and you lack all the curvatures required for a beautiful body. Add curves to your body and fall in love with it all over again!!!!

Diabetes Management Plan 

You would be surprised to know that India has been declared the diabetes capital of Asia... I mean we have so many diabetics in our country. With the ongoing advanced research happening in this area, scientists have come to a conclusion that in most of the cases, diabetes can be controlled with proper dietary management without the need of those painful insulin injections.

At Diet Care, I help you to chart out your diet plan so as to make it feasible and practical for you to follow and adhere to in the long run. We work with you to make your diet plans for you.

Come and register with Diet Care and say goodbye to Diabetes!

Cholesterol Management Plan 

Cholesterol... the word itself seems to be so frightening. But you would be surprised to know that cholesterol is very important to our body and the old saying that 'excess of everything is bad' applies to this much hyped component.

High Cholesterol levels are a result of faulty dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles and poor exercise regimens.

A diet high in fibres and low in fats is helpful in correcting this phenomenon. Come and register with me and get your cholesterol back in limits...

Healthy Heart Program 

Heart diseases are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and India is not an exception.

In most of the cases, heart diseases are a result of faulty dietary and lifestyle habits and dietary therapy remains the mainstay of the treatment. Lifestyle modification along with some changes in your diet can help your heart to stay young and beat for a longer time.

At Diet Care, you get a diet plan which will keep your heart healthy at the same time allowing you to indulge in the foods you love.

Therapeutic Programs in Specific Disorders

Is your child suffering from Celiac disease or Irritable bowel Syndrome or Peptic Ulcers? Is your child a fussy eater? Is some of your relative in admitted in the ICU and is fed by Ryle's Tube? 

Diet Care is one stop solution for all these medical nutrition problems and too many more of course. You just have to register with us and avail our expert services for the same. Tell us the problem and we are there to plan and chart out things for you.

Kids Weight Loss Plan 

Obese kids grow up into obese adults and with numerous problems. 

Obesity in children has to be treated at right age so that it does not destroy their future. During childhood, dietary therapy is the only treatment for obesity as no other clinical measures and drugs can be used. 

At Diet Care we make diet plans which are helpful and practical for children, keeping in mind their likes and dislikes and also the foods kids generally love to eat.

Register with us and excess weight gain may no longer be a problem with your child.

Kids Weight Gain Plan 

Some kids are fussy eaters which results in low weight. 

Low weight can pose serious health issues in the long run and it is quite possible that the overall growth and development of underweight kids is hampered.

At Diet Care, We help you chart out options by which you can make the meal of children more nutritious and add nutrients to the foods they like, at the same time helping them to gain weight.

Register with us and see your child growing.

Healthy Hair and Skin Nutrition Plan 

Do you have dry skin? Is your hair rough and dry? 
You don't have the glow on your skin?

What you eat reflects in the way your hair and skin present you. 

Diet plays a very important role in the quality of your hair and skin. 

Enrol with us and get a glowing skin and beautiful hair.

Proper Diet for Kidney Care

Kidney disorders require special kinds of diet formulations which are practical for the patient yet, the diet plan doesn’t get boring and monotonous. While planning special diets for kidney patients, we have to keep in mind several things so that it is possible for the patient to follow those diet plans.

Patients suffering from kidney problems may undergo dialysis for treatment and therefore the diet plan has to be made accordingly.

Customized diet plans made according to the likes and dislikes of the patient are helpful in maintaining proper nutritional status of the patient and we at Diet Care make this as our first aim. Patient care is our foremost priority.

Diet for Hypertension

Elevated blood pressure is a common condition and prevalent in a large population worldwide.

Controlling diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key for maintaining blood pressure in normal limits.

You can avail online consultation for this service. Register and begin now.

Diet Plans for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is period of rapid growth and development for the unborn foetus and its nutritional needs have to be met by the mother. Proper and adequate nutrition during pregnancy ensures adequate growth for the foetus as well as good nutritional status for the mother throughout her lifetime.

Register with us and get a benefit that will serve you and your baby for the whole life.

We at Diet Care provide individualized advice for our pregnant mothers that enable them to take good care of themselves and of their baby.

Diet for Nursing Mothers

Nutritional requirements are on an all time high during feeding and nursing your baby. Adequate nutrition during this period ensures proper growth of the baby as it depends on the mother's feed during this period. Hence it is very important that nursing mothers consume appropriate foods.

We at Diet Care help you to manage your diet so that you may eat the foods you like at the same time not compromising on nutrition.

Diet for Anaemia

Do you get tired very easily? Is your child unable to concentrate in studies and gets poor grades as a result? Does your child not want to go out and play because he feels tired?
All this could be because of low haemoglobin levels or a condition we term as Anaemia.

Anaemia is a common problem among Indians, more so among adolescent girls, pregnant females and young children. Inadequate diet is the most common cause for this problem. Anaemia is often associated with lethargy, weakness, poor concentration and low levels of energy. Proper dietary intervention helps to solve this problem. So register with us today and find solution to your low levels of energy.

Diet for Teenagers

At Diet Care, We help you chart out options by which you can make the meal of teenage children more nutritious and add nutrients to the foods they like, at the same time helping them to counter problems associated with teenage years.

Register with us and see your teenager grow into a healthy adult. You can avail online consultation for this service. Register and begin now.

Diet During Jaundice

Liver is a vital organ of our body. Jaundice is the main symptom of the disease which affects the liver.

Though it is self limiting, there are various myths regarding the diet that has to be given during this period. A full, well balanced diet with special nutrients like Branched Chain Amino Acids helps to hasten the recovery.

Register with us and get a happy and healthy liver!!! You can avail online consultation for this service. Register and begin now.

Diet for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis was considered to be a disease of females but now the scenario has changed. It is no longer restricted only to females... but males also suffer from this disorder.

Osteoporosis is the weakening of bones and the problem aggravates as aging proceeds. It is very important to take care of your diet during aging as calcium requirements increase and so the importance of a balanced diet cannot be over-emphasized.

Register with us and prevent your bones from fractures and lead a healthy and happy life.

Post Menopausal Health Program

Menopause is a period of great stress and anxiety for any female. 

There are various modalities of treatment available and it can be successfully managed with diet also. A diet rich in phytoestrogens will help to alleviate all symptoms. 

Register with diet care and avail a diet that gives you all the benefits to lead a normal life...